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We no longer offer a Wine Appreciation certificate. This material is now offered under a new name, Sommelier Fundamentals. The Wine Appreciation course remains as a stand-alone course. Students who successfully complete Wine Appreciation and then decide to continue in the Sommelier or Sommelier Fundamentals program are freed from the prerequisite requirements of the Sommelier program courses.


Compulsory Course

HOS 5026 Wine Appreciation Introduction (10 weeks, 30 hours)


Electives (choose three)

HOS 5162 Wine Tasting (12 weeks, 36 hours)

HOS 5027 Grape Varieties (12 weeks, 36 hours)
HOS 5148 Vinification (10 weeks, 30 hours)
HOS 5158 Food & Wine Matching (6 weeks, 21 hours)
HOS 5163 Old World Wine Regions (16 weeks, 48 hours)
HOS 5164 New World Wine Regions (12 weeks, 36 hours)

Additional Information

You can complete the program by attending one class per week (3 hours) in the evening or on weekends. It will take the average student 18 to 24 months to complete the entire program. In addition to this certification, a student can choose to transfer credits to the Sommelier program and with an additional four levels, gain the prestigious designation of Certified Sommelier.
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